• Stop wasting pre-cut lemons & limes!
    Use the 2-in-1 Kitchen Device that Cuts & Squeezes!
    Hold the Squissors™ by the Cradle. Open the Top & the Cutter.
    Drop in a whole lemon, lime, tangerine or small orange.
    Then juice in a 2-action tool.
  • ACTION 1: CUT!
    Place the whole fruit in the cradle and lower
    the serrated blade handle to slice the fruit in half.
    Lower the top juicer lever and squeeze with the blade handle to juice the fruit.
    Squissors™ is a safe and durable fruit slicer and juicer with
    an easy-to-use, ergonomic design to save you time in the kitchen.
  • Fruit Cradle
    Cast Zinc Handle - Coming Soon
    Plastic Injection Molded
    Cradle handle holds whole citrus
    fruits for cutting and juicing actions.
    Blade - Stainless Steel
    Opens to rest on Top
    All FDA approved and
    dishwasher safe plastic
    and metal materials. Slicer is
    sa serrated stainless steel
    blade for easy cuts.
    Top juicer opens to 135 degrees from Cradle

Ergonomic Design

Cradle handle feature allows you to hold the unit with one hand and juice with the other.


Squissors™ is made from FDA approved material that are tough, durable
and kitchen safe.

Saves Time

Slicing and juicing whole fruits saves you half the time of using traditional methods.

Cuts Safely

Squissors™ removes the finger hazard of using a kitchen knife to cut fruits in half before using a traditional fruit juicer.